Five different qualities and prices, of Genuine Panama Hats, handmade in Toquilla Palm.

Ecofriendly hat, without additives or Colorantes, hand woven  with the same technique used since 1.865.

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Natural Colors


Natural  withe Color and Natural Brown Colors.

Hand woven form Toquilla Palm, without colorants.

Ecofriendly, using theAncestral  Indigenous technique.

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Exclusive  Hats for Exclusive people

We want that our clients, can wear  handmade Panama Hats, and look exclusive and different to the rest of the world that only  can wear products made in factories from one side of the world and  without identity.



Fedora (3)


Different Classic Panama Hats Styles, handmade in  Brisa woven and Traditional Woven.

Perfect for outdoors  activities, Beach and Summer time  and Indoors reunions.

We sell Panama Hats for Weddings Souvenirs and Commercial gifts.

You can ask for the best hat

You can ask what is the best hat for you !!!

We can advise you and offer the quality  and price you need for your business !!!

Note: We are an Exporting  Company. We don´t have a Shop in Bogota to attend people or sell directly.  

Please send us a request or use the different communication ways to answer your questions.